St. Patty’s Day in London

Did everyone go to Dublin, Ireland for St. Patty’s Day? Well, I decided not to go even though a lot of my friends were visiting for the holiday or for spring break. It was very interesting to experience St. Patty’s Day in London, England. In this blog, I will explain what the holiday was like for me.

When I decided to stay in London for the holiday, I assumed that St. Patty’s day would be big. I expected green everywhere and parades on every corner. I was wrong. I woke up that day and walked outside to see that it appeared to be a normal day. Surprising, or at least I thought it was.

Despite the lack of St. Patty’s Day spirit on Oxford Street, I decided to buy a ticket to a rugby viewing party to really experience what this day was like for citizens of England and the U.K.. When I arrived, my expectations were met. Green everywhere and orange beards as far as I could see.

I stepped into this large amphitheater called the “Hawker House” to see several restaurants and in another room, a large projection screen and bleachers filled with crazy sports fans. I took a seat next to some friends to watch what was playing on the screen: rugby. I tried really hard to understand the rules of the game; it looked like a mix between american football and soccer. Luckily, my dad sent me a link hoping to help me understand the game a little bit better.

At this moment, I truly was immersed in the culture of the country I was living in for four months. Some people from Ireland sitting behind me sang a song to cheer on their team and I couldn’t help but sway along. Even though, the streets weren’t filled with holiday spirit, the “Hawker House” met my expectations and more.

Lauren Noble

My name is Lauren Noble, a junior Finance and Accounting double major in the Smith School of Business. Currently, I am studying abroad in the great city of London and enjoying every second. Come along with me on my journey!

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