Family of 25

Sanni2By Adebola Sanni

Studying abroad was an experience parallel to none other. Being in a foreign country, trying new foods, meeting new people are all experiences that I will cherish for a lifetime. It is easy for one to tell you about a study abroad experience, to tell you that you’ll “have the time of your life” or that “you’ll never regret it.” But until you actually experience it, there is no possible way one could fathom the constant feeling of euphoria that one experiences throughout the trip.

While abroad, it’s almost like reality never truly sinks in. As I stood at the top of the Eiffel Tower, I felt like I was in a dream, just waiting for someone to wake me up. But surprisingly, the most unbelievable thing about the trip is the bond that you make with others over such a short period of time.

My new family!

My new family!

The selection of individual’s chosen for study abroad is extremely diverse. There are people from all walks of life; different cultures, different religions, sexual orientations, and beliefs. But during the study abroad experience, none of those differences mattered. While in France, it didn’t matter that I was Muslim as I stood examining the beauty of the Notre Dame with my Catholic classmates. We were all just one student body.

The best thing about the group of people selected was the diversity. Most of the people I traveled with, I would have never talked to on campus. Not that I anything was wrong with them or that they aren’t good people but I don’t believe that we’d ever be put in a situation where we’d have to interact. Literally everyone in the group had something valuable to offer, and I learned something from each and every one of them. It is remarkable to say that over a 10-day span, I got extremely close to my study abroad group but it’s very true. We’ve become a family, and we share a very special bond that no one else could fully understand unless they too have studied abroad. For anyone contemplating traveling I have two words of advice: “DO IT!” It’s an experience that you will always cherish with people that you’ll never forget. I’d like to thank everyone who made this trip possible, but above all I’d like to thank my classmates, my family, for making this trip worth it.

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