My Head Has Not Stopped Buzzing

Alice bio picBy Alice Lu

As cliché and naïve as it sounds: I fell in love with Sydney within the first day I arrived in this bustling city. After spending two weeks running around this city, staring at the gorgeous (and quite stylish) Australian fit natives, tasting an array of meats, testing out the train, bus, and ferry system, I believe I could quite give a summary of Sydney culture.

   First off: the nature, cliffs, and parks are breathtaking. Running around the Botanical Garden, to Mrs. Macquerie’s chair, to the highest hill in Sydney (and soon to be accomplished across the Sydney Harbor Bridge) showed me beautiful skylines with detailed plants and the ever so peaceful harbor. It shows that Sydney takes pride in maintaining an environment within the city rather than just grey skyscrapers without sunshine or green forestry. They have managed to preserve their waters and landscapes by offering separate trash cans for recycling and waste, switches to turn off and on the outlets, as well as two different buttons for light and heavy flushing.

The cliffs at Australia's local beach Manly Beach when we took a day hike

The cliffs at Australia’s local beach Manly Beach when we took a day hike

Next: one of the many things I keep hearing is Australia’s fitness culture. And boy, does it show. People are just running all the time, which is straight up my alley if you could not tell. Even tonight, coming back from my saltwater crocodile pizza dinner, I saw two men racing up a street, full out sprinting across stoplights and up the hill. Australian men and women here are both toned and extremely tall. They dress so well that I wish I could repack my suitcase. They tend follow an urban and edgy trend. Leather, hip-hop sweats, and heels are huge trends here. Three things I could definitely get used to.

    Lastly: If you haven’t tried kangaroo meat, can you even say you came to Australia? First encounter was a super raw kangaroo steak. It was slimy, kind of bloody, and just very chewy. Needless to say, I didn’t quite like it. But I tried kangaroo pizza next and that was bloody delicious. Less raw, more texture, and kind of tasted like steak but with an aftertaste that is only unique to kangaroo meat. This ventured me to try kangaroo jerky and saltwater crocodile pizza. The jerky tasted just like beef jerky, and the crocodile pizza tasted like chicken except with the toughness of a nice steak.

Walking around Sydney has caused me restlessness like non other.  Exploring the beautiful cliffs of Manly Beach, taking selfies with little joey and my afterlife animal (koala bear) today as well as hiking up and down the Blue Mountains leaves me hungry for the upcoming adventures my roommates and I will venture in the next couple weeks.

Kangaroo Selfie at the Sydney wildlife sanctuary with these two lovable fur balls

Kangaroo Selfie at the Sydney wildlife sanctuary with these two lovable fur balls


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