Seoul, soul of Asia

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I’m now in Seoul, soul of Asia!  I landed this afternoon and after confirming my appointments for tomorrow, I was ready for my favorite Korean food.  However, before dinner, I had a chance to look out my hotel room window.  Look at that view!  It seemed hazy when we were on the bus from the airport to the hotel, but from this point of view, the sky was clear!

Seoul view

One of my favorite Korean foods is Bulgogi.  The easiest way to describe it is marinated, thinly sliced meat that you get to cook right on the table.  The middle of the table had a small pit where you can cook the meats.  I didn’t quite get to capture the Bulgogi because we quickly consumed it, but I did get to capture everything else we ate!  I’m not normally a food-picture-taker, but I was so excited to return to Seoul so I had to capture the moment. Bulgogi is really one of my favorite foods!  Don’t be surprised if I go back there tomorrow night!

Tomorrow is a long day of interviewing, presenting and meeting prospective students.  Can’t wait to meet future Smithers!


2nd event in Japan — even better!

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The second event in Japan was better than the first — because one of our fantastic alumnae joined me!  Makiko graduated from Smith’s MBA program in 2012.  Soon after graduation, she joined Amazon on a rotation program.  She’s on a HR rotation now, which she is enjoying.  The rotation program has been beneficial for her because she can not only figure out what department she likes, she gets to try diverse things she normally wouldn’t be exposed to if she was just hired to do a job. She was in Seattle first and is now in Japan.  She expecting to going back to Seattle for a few months in early 2015.

If you want to connect with Makiko, let me know!  She will happily talk to any prospective students.

Before we parted ways, I just had to take a picture.

Makiko & Maria

but first, let me take a selfie…

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Taking the GMAT/GRE more than once

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‘Tis the season for test taking!  I have been asked several times about how many times should one take the GMAT or GRE.  My answer: it depends.  Some people really do well the first time around.  Many take the test once and are disappointed with the score, so will take it again.  Some will go through this process multiple times.

If you did well the first time, no need to keep on reading this blog entry.  You are done. Good job!

As for those who need to take the test again, you may fall under one of several categories.  You could be nervous so you may freeze under pressure even though you know the content.  You can be a poor test taker.  You can simply have a bad day.

If you believe you are a poor test taker, unfortunately, saying it and showing it is very different.  After taking the test several times, if you score is within the same range every time, then yes, I can believe you when you say you are not a good test taker.  However, if you do take the GMAT or GRE several times and your scores have a fairly wide (more than 50 points) range, perhaps you need to figure out what happened when your scores are higher to see if you can repeat it.  Were you nervous?  Did you have a bad day or a bad night?  Did you get enough sleep that night?  Did you prepare well by your standards?  Were you more confident?  Is there an outside factor that is bothering you?  These are the questions you need to ask yourself in order to make sure that the next time you take the test, it will also be the last.

Last piece of advice — your application will only be reviewed once.  Make sure it is the strongest it can possibly be.  If admitted, you will be ecstatic.  If you aren’t given a positive admissions decision, I would hate for you to walk away saying you could have tried harder.



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1st event in Japan, success!

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I took part in the QS Connect 1-2-1 fair tonight in Tokyo.  This is a chance for candidates to individually sit with school representatives for 15-30 minutes at a time, which is unique.  During these 1-2-1 events, prospective students can ask us about almost anything — from the application process to alumni network.  Usually, when we meet candidates, it is during a time where there are many other people wanting my attention as well.  This 1-2-1 format offers a relaxed environment where prospects can really get to know the school and the specific program.

The candidates I met tonight were stellar!  The diversity in work function as well as companies were remarkable.   Look at the list of companies that some of the candidates work for.  Impressive, if I may say so myself.  This group of candidates did have very unique things to bring to Smith. I look forward to reading their applications!

Japan Companies

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@SmithSchool #WhyMBA contest — join in the conversation!

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BusinessWeek  is hosting an online contest in preparation for their ranking release date.  This ranking occurs every 2 years.  In 2012, we were ranked #24.  I’m hoping we move up!  BW will be releasing the rankings on November 11th.

As for the online contest, join in and talk about the many great things that Smith can do for you.  Contest directions: tweet using @SmithSchool and #WhyMBA.  We have been fluctuating between #5 and #7.  I want us to win, so I’m recruiting you…yes you, the person reading this blog, to tweet us!

Every tweet counts!  Go forth and tweet!


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Women & MBA Symposium is on Saturday!

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We are getting ready for our annual Women & MBA Symposium.  Things here are getting hectic, but in a good way.  We are excited to host fantastic ladies this weekend.

Our alumni keynote speaker is Melissa Davis.  She’s the Director of Beverage Category Management for Marriott International.   Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic job!?  Join us on Saturday and hear her talk about how Smith helped her get to where she is now.

Also, learn more about how Smith, along with the Fortd Foundation, support women business leaders.

To register, go to the Women & MBA Symposium page.


GMAT Prep — think of your options

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Sometimes preparing an MBA application can be daunting!  I’m here to tell you it shouldn’t be.  The biggest hurdle I’ve seen candidates face is the GMAT.  I can tell you a few best practices that I’ve seen successful students follow.  1) Know yourself.  Figure out what is best for you.  Is 2 weeks enough for you to study?  Do you need 3 months?  Really think about your needs and set yourself up for success by knowing how you work best.  2) Consider test prep options.  Outside of standard test prep centers, there are several online options that are great!  There’s a newly launched website that is free..really!  Lots of practice questions/tests are there.  It’s free! 3) Plan on doing well the first time, but know taking it more than once is normal.  Many candidates are nervous when taking tests in addition to being nervous when facing something new.  All these nerves can be a hinderance.  If you took the GMAT already, you know the environment and you know exactly what is going to happen.  So, by taking it again, some uncertainty should no longer be there.  The sense of familiarity should ease you, even just a little!

I hope this has helped!  Let me know what you want me to talk about next…I’m open to suggestions.


Webminar today!

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Today, we hosted our first admissions webminar for fall 2015 admits!  Today, we hosted about 50+ prospective students in an webminar that covered basic information about Smith and the admissions process.  There were great questions about curriculum, career, application components, and student life!  We are going to be hosting these about once a month, so stay tuned!  We are going to be posting upcoming webminars online, so make sure you check it out!


Keeping DHL in Business

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What are the application requirements?

–          Online application

–          Resume

–          Letters of recommendation

–          Essays

–          GMAT/GRE score


This time of year is when a deadline for all of our graduate programs coincides within a span of 15 days.  With the deadline for our four MS programs on December 1st (as Maria mentioned in her blog post), the part time MBA deadline on the 5th and full time MBA deadline on the 15th….we are getting hundreds of packages in the mail every day from all over the world.  And (partly) thanks to us (and the applicants, of course) we are keeping DHL in business!

The admissions team has employed multiple graduate assistants in both the Admissions Office and Masters Programs Office to help processing all of the documents to and get your application status updated online sooner!

Only 2 of the many boxes we get everyday!


MS 1st deadline…check!

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As you may know, the first deadline for the MS program was yesterday.  Our office has been pleasantly surprised by the volume!  We did see an uptake in applications (statistics still not final), so we expect our office to be busy over the next few days (and weeks!).

It looks like a fairly well established assembly line here.  Picture this: someone is opening envelopes, someone is stamping dates on the documents, and someone is filing!  It sounds so simple, yet it can get quite complicated when you are dealing with cabinets filled with folders!

So, if you submitted your application, we appreciate your patience.  If you haven’t yet…what are you waiting for?!?!?