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Keeping DHL in Business

December 2nd, 2011 by under Full-Time MBA, MSB Programs, Part-Time MBA. 1 Comment.

What are the application requirements?

–          Online application

–          Resume

–          Letters of recommendation

–          Essays

–          GMAT/GRE score


This time of year is when a deadline for all of our graduate programs coincides within a span of 15 days.  With the deadline for our four MS programs on December 1st (as Maria mentioned in her blog post), the part time MBA deadline on the 5th and full time MBA deadline on the 15th….we are getting hundreds of packages in the mail every day from all over the world.  And (partly) thanks to us (and the applicants, of course) we are keeping DHL in business!

The admissions team has employed multiple graduate assistants in both the Admissions Office and Masters Programs Office to help processing all of the documents to and get your application status updated online sooner!

Only 2 of the many boxes we get everyday!


Smith is a Construction Zone

July 15th, 2011 by under Full-Time MBA, MSB Programs, Part-Time MBA. No Comments.

Smith students will surely be coming back to a pleasant surprise with the new Office of Career Services suite.  Decked out with plasma TVs, an employers’ lounge, student interview prep area, 19 interview rooms, and a room dedicated to video conferencing, they sure did a lot with a 6’ addition to the business school building.  As Smith is giving a facelift to the building, the new director of the Office of Career Services is also making steps towards improving the services provided to students and building stronger relations with employers.  This fall will be an exciting fresh start.

And, with the smell of fresh paint and new carpet still lingering in the air from the new Office of Career Services suite, the sounds of hammers and destruction have now floated down the hall to where they will be remodeling a new suite for the graduate admissions office.