GMAT Prep — think of your options

October 23rd, 2014 by under Full-Time MBA. No Comments.

Sometimes preparing an MBA application can be daunting!  I’m here to tell you it shouldn’t be.  The biggest hurdle I’ve seen candidates face is the GMAT.  I can tell you a few best practices that I’ve seen successful students follow.  1) Know yourself.  Figure out what is best for you.  Is 2 weeks enough for you to study?  Do you need 3 months?  Really think about your needs and set yourself up for success by knowing how you work best.  2) Consider test prep options.  Outside of standard test prep centers, there are several online options that are great!  There’s a newly launched website that is free..really!  Lots of practice questions/tests are there.  It’s free! 3) Plan on doing well the first time, but know taking it more than once is normal.  Many candidates are nervous when taking tests in addition to being nervous when facing something new.  All these nerves can be a hinderance.  If you took the GMAT already, you know the environment and you know exactly what is going to happen.  So, by taking it again, some uncertainty should no longer be there.  The sense of familiarity should ease you, even just a little!

I hope this has helped!  Let me know what you want me to talk about next…I’m open to suggestions.