Milagros en Chile!

October 15th, 2010 by under Full-Time MBA, MSB Programs, Part-Time MBA. 2 Comments.

I can’t even describe the triple excitement for my trip to Chile… First of course we landed the day that the last of the Chilean Mineros (Miners) were rescued.  And while there was so much happiness, there was still much trepidation that all would go well.  Second, seeing SMITH Alumni (Viva Chilean TERPS) – -Carolina, Daniella y Walter!  Such a great treat for me and all of the students we met during the fair!   Santiago is just a beautiful city… and I did not have enough time to walk and just see the city. 

From the plane — it is so peaceful to fly over the Andes….  And here I have met students who are so passionate about sustainable buiness, eco-tourism and energy policy.  There were many questions and discussion about the Dingman Center and the Center for Social Value Creation at Smith.

So it was a trip of work, reunion, rescue and enlightment.  Yes, the world seemed a lot closer yesterday.

The View from Seat 14A



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