Seoul, soul of Asia

October 29th, 2014 by under Full-Time MBA. No Comments.

I’m now in Seoul, soul of Asia!  I landed this afternoon and after confirming my appointments for tomorrow, I was ready for my favorite Korean food.  However, before dinner, I had a chance to look out my hotel room window.  Look at that view!  It seemed hazy when we were on the bus from the airport to the hotel, but from this point of view, the sky was clear!

Seoul view

One of my favorite Korean foods is Bulgogi.  The easiest way to describe it is marinated, thinly sliced meat that you get to cook right on the table.  The middle of the table had a small pit where you can cook the meats.  I didn’t quite get to capture the Bulgogi because we quickly consumed it, but I did get to capture everything else we ate!  I’m not normally a food-picture-taker, but I was so excited to return to Seoul so I had to capture the moment. Bulgogi is really one of my favorite foods!  Don’t be surprised if I go back there tomorrow night!

Tomorrow is a long day of interviewing, presenting and meeting prospective students.  Can’t wait to meet future Smithers!