Taking the GMAT/GRE more than once

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‘Tis the season for test taking!  I have been asked several times about how many times should one take the GMAT or GRE.  My answer: it depends.  Some people really do well the first time around.  Many take the test once and are disappointed with the score, so will take it again.  Some will go through this process multiple times.

If you did well the first time, no need to keep on reading this blog entry.  You are done. Good job!

As for those who need to take the test again, you may fall under one of several categories.  You could be nervous so you may freeze under pressure even though you know the content.  You can be a poor test taker.  You can simply have a bad day.

If you believe you are a poor test taker, unfortunately, saying it and showing it is very different.  After taking the test several times, if you score is within the same range every time, then yes, I can believe you when you say you are not a good test taker.  However, if you do take the GMAT or GRE several times and your scores have a fairly wide (more than 50 points) range, perhaps you need to figure out what happened when your scores are higher to see if you can repeat it.  Were you nervous?  Did you have a bad day or a bad night?  Did you get enough sleep that night?  Did you prepare well by your standards?  Were you more confident?  Is there an outside factor that is bothering you?  These are the questions you need to ask yourself in order to make sure that the next time you take the test, it will also be the last.

Last piece of advice — your application will only be reviewed once.  Make sure it is the strongest it can possibly be.  If admitted, you will be ecstatic.  If you aren’t given a positive admissions decision, I would hate for you to walk away saying you could have tried harder.



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