Career Tips for Terps

Five ways to scrutinize your company before an interview

It is imperative to research about a company before appearing for its interview. While all candidates do research their target companies before interviewing, some do it better than others. Read on the following bullet points to learn about the most important things you should research about a company before an interview to help you stand out from other applicants.

1.Research the company’s website

Research the entire website of the company and examine their products and services. Get a hold on their market presence and the image and values they put forward. Also, assess the professional profile of the management – whether they have been with the company for a while or they have been hired from competitors. Investigate if their profile is analogous to their job description, or if it is a little unorthodox for the positions they hold. Read about the company’s mission statement and try to work on how you can contribute to their mission.

2. Research all the company’s job openings, apart from the one you are applying for

Reading about the positions that are being filled gives an idea about where the company is headed. For example, it could be evident from reviewing the jobs that the company is expanding its sales force. If you’re interviewing for a training role, you could then point out you’ve observed that many salespeople may be hired and question them about how the company expects the training team to contribute to their on-boarding.

3.Research articles written by third parties about the company

Research stories about the company on popular forums like Forbes, Fortune, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and other major news outlets and industry publications. If they contain comments made by the company’s spokespeople, it will give a sense of their opinion on these stories. Find out if the third party information is similar or different to the company’s take on the same subject. See what the employees say about the company. If they like the work culture, or are there any negative aspects that you must be aware of.

4. Research the company’s name and words like – complaints, problems, unhappy employees, scams – and the likes

This helps to get a picture of any potential concerns about the company. It may divulge any unwanted information written about the firm.

5. Research the company’s financials

For a public company, research about their financial information. Even if you are not applying for a financial role, it’s imperative that you understand the business and financial underpinnings of any potential employer. Knowing how your skill set can bring more business to a company is one of the best ways to differentiate oneself as a creative professional.