Career Tips for Terps – FROM Terps!

Highlights from “Got an Internship, now what?” 


Kathy – PwC Finance Advisory Team

  • Look for opportunity
  • Contact people you got an internship with
  • If you have questions, try to solve first, then ask
  • Know the dress code
  • Don’t blame yourself too much for mistakes & don’t be offended when they are pointed out
  • Don’t make the same mistake twice
  • Ask your coworker/supervisor for their feedback style, micromanagers?
  • Every time you complete a project ask for feedback
  • Ask for feedback before year end evaluations
  • Keep track of your accomplishments make sure your supervisor knows
  • To get promoted, take on new jobs
  • Express your desire to get a fulltime offer
  • VBA, Python good to know
  • Know how to use Bloomberg, Morningstar, S&P

Vita – Merkle 

  • Do all tasks assigned, be organized, initiate conversation with supervisor
  • Work optimally, try to be more efficient everyday
  • Build some transferable skills, apply them to different situations
  • You are the driver of your career, this isn’t school, no one is going to make sure you know everything
  • Become a subject matter expert in something
  • Grasp all opportunities, even the ones you don’t like
  • Ask for a FT offer

Barbara – Fannie May

  • Research, sound like you know what you’re talking aobut
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • It’s ok to make mistakes, but take ownership of your mistake. Confront problems head on
  • Ask supervisor how often they want updates
  • Volunteer
  • Don’t make a decision to early, wait a few weeks into the internship before asking about a FT offer
  • Network with people, find out what path brought them to the company

Moneca (OCS Coach)

  • Go to lunch with people, build your brand, make a name for yourself
  • QTIP (Quit taking it personal) it’s business!
  • Be ready to discuss career paths