Highlight of the Week

Employer Networking Roundtable

Last Friday, March 9th, the Office of Career Services hosted Employee Networking Roundtable Discussion. The Smith students are invited to engage with employers to talk about everyday business questions facing their organization. Students are prepared to show their knowledge, skills and unique talents & abilities. Participating employers include Stanley Black and Decker, New York life, Eliassen Group, Cognitiks, and the U.S. Tennis Association.

Five participating employers made a brief presentation of 10 minutes, introducing the company background and their own experience. The firms showed different dimensions of their business and career opportunities. Cognitiks focus on data platform, customized data analyst products, such as selecting an investment, and some non-profit work. Stanley Black and Decker talked a lot about their biggest business—tools, and Storage. The employee in USTA mainly uses data analysis to help athletes promote their performance. New York life provides finance students with a great career path. Eliassen Group emphasized the importance of Agile methodology.

After their presentations, students were divided into different groups and moved from table to table of employers. Students introduced their academic program, interests, and precious work. They asked inquisitive questions and had a good connection with different employers, reflecting their passion.

This event is an outstanding opportunity to network and engage with employers in a meaningful manner. We really appreciate the guest employers and the participating students. The successful event and energy shown by students have motivated the OCS to come up with more such events.

Networking Etiquettes

On Thursday, March. 8th, OCS hosted a networking etiquettes workshop in 1202VMH. Students will be better equipped to network as a professional in the following networking event.

Amishi Shah, as the host of this event, introduced the importance of networking with alumni while landing a job. She mentioned that Terrapins Connect is a good way to search alumni working in the company you are interested.

She talked about tips to make a good impression and how to talk with people for the first time. Except the common tips, such as doing research about the company and person before your attendance, making eye contact and smile, she also gave several tips about dinner meeting etiquettes.

As for etiquettes about entering and existing a conversion, she suggested the DO’s and the Don’ts, for example, don’t ask for sponsorship and job. The she gave several suggestions about email networking and online networking. In the end, students practiced elevator pitch and a role play about how to address people in a conversation.

Students joined this workshop received valuable information on how to make the most of interaction, follow up techniques and ways to be memorable in a room full of talented individuals. Thanks for joining us for the valuable networking etiquette event.