Highlight of the Week: Mock Career Fair

Last Friday, February 17th, the Professional Communications Club hosted a mock career fair in preparation of this week’s Spring Internship Fair. Students practiced their self-introductions and elevator pitches, while gaining valuable feedback.

Thank you to all the volunteer recruiters and their invaluable feedback!

Some key tips offered by our volunteers –

  • Prioritize the companies you want to talk to, you might not have time to talk to everyone
  • If you’re nervous, talk to some warm-up companies first – You’ll be less nervous when you talk to your target companies
  • Follow the lead of the recruiter, they’re talking all day and they might not want to jump straight into business.
  • Just because you have never heard of a company, doesn’t mean that company isn’t a good fit.  Pull out your phone (out of sight of the recruiter) and do some research!
  • Be prepared, know what positions are available at the company before speaking to the recruiter.  You can find this information on HireSmith and the company website, at a minimum
  • International names are hard for native English speakers, wear your name tag and be ready to give an English-ized version of your name if necessary.  You want the recruiter to remember your face and your name



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