Meet the Innovators: Restaurant Technology Summit | October 18

Prasoon Rungta, Akshat Maltare, and Harshit Gautam are three 2nd year MS Information Systems students who are absolutely Fearless!
The three spent their Summer months applying all they had learned about data analytics, big data, social media and business strategy to create an information product. They are creating actionable business intelligence using machine learning on social media data – specifically, helping restaurant owners stay ahead of their competitors and on top of quality control by listening to the market through the ears of these world-beating experts.
They put together a project plan, shared the workload, sought and acted on feedback from the Dingman Center advisors. They created a professional presentation and web presence under the name emoChilli which you can see here . These three never slowed down or skipped a beat.
Their hard work, application of academic frameworks to real-world problems, and entrepreneurial spirit was noticed by Cohn Reznik, one of the top accounting and advisory firms in the U.S. With a significant client base in the restaurant industry, Cohn Reznik hosts an annual Restaurant Technology Summit. This year’s theme is “Disruption: Digital Innovations Transforming the Restaurant Industry”. Prasoon Rungta, 2nd year MS Information Systems student will be presenting emoChilli which Cohn Reznik describes in their marketing material as a “cutting-edge restaurant technology” startup.
On October 18, these three will be presenting what they know and what they are capable of doing to an audience of top restauranteurs, restaurant technology executives and other corporate sponsors. They are in the market for full-time jobs and visa sponsorship, but have turned their worries about an uncertain job market into positive, transformative solutions that businesses need to see. They are literally demonstrating their value.