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A survey from BDO said corporate directors are reevaluating launching new businesses as they conduct reviews of their firms’ total tax liabilities. (CFO)


Information Systems

It’s been six years since the official launch of IPv6 on “World IPv6” day in 2012, but the newest version of the Internet Protocol still doesn’t account for the majority of online traffic, according to the Internet Society. (networkworld)


Supply Chain Management

Virtual reality instructional tools are redefining the supply chain field and helping to shrink the skills gap. (Industry Week)


Marketing Analytics

With growing consumer awareness of data use and misuse comes a heightened responsibility for businesses to safeguard and responsibly manage their customers’ information. (Martechtoday)



On Capitol Hill and in a new CFO survey, finance chiefs say they want a lower overall corporate tax rate and a simpler tax code. (CFO)


Business & Management

A cohesive narrative will build credibility during the due diligence process and save CFOs from spending valuable time producing one-off analyses. (CFO)


Business Analytics

In addition to spearheading the automation of routine financial processes, CEOs are looking to CFOs to take charge of aligning finance systems with the pace and needs of business strategy. Many finance chiefs view this shift as a unique opportunity to solidify their role as digital business process transformation leaders, but it is not without challenges. (CFO)