Industry News


Audit firm inspections by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board increase companies’ ability to raise capital, according to a new study. (CFO)

Information Systems

Industry 4.0 (aka Smart Manufacturing) is all about harnessing production information to achieve increased productivity, efficiency and product quality improvements from the available manufacturing workforce and equipment. (Industry Week)

Supply Chain Management

In the short term, implementing technology, automation, and innovation into your supply chain will be a competitive advantage. In the long term, it will become a barrier to entry for other firms that fail to transform their supply chain and find themselves unable to compete. (Industry Week)

Market analysis

An FDIC survey shows the industry is benefiting from increasing net interest margins, which reached an average of 3.22% in Q2. (CFO)


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a warning about digital coin offerings, telling investors they could be used to manipulate a company’s stock price. (CFO)

Business & Management

“I hope he outlines the vision, the long-term vision,” said Jimmy Settles, the head of the union’s Ford department. (Industry Week)


Business Analytics

Businesses are using various methods in big data and analytics to analyze customer’s data to improve competitiveness. Application of these methods not only generate vast amount of data but also result in unstructured information (BusinessWorld)