Industry News


The new tax law is forcing Fannie Mae to seek a cash infusion from the U.S. Treasury for the first time since 2012. (CFO)

Information Systems

The data processed by smart car sensors could be worth hundreds of billions, and an Israeli startup is helping Detroit grab it before Silicon Valley does. (Industry Week)

Supply Chain Management

Noting that NAFTA has helped quadruple trade between US, Canada, Mexico since taking effect in 1994, now reaching $1.5 trillion annually, the chambers of commerce from all three countries argue that multinational manufacturing value chains could be expensive to break up. (Industry Week)

Marketing Analytics

Companies seem to be thinking about tax reform almost in relation to almost everything — except artificial intelligence. (CFO)


U.S. finance chiefs see earnings growth in 2018, but they also expect higher wage and benefits costs. (CFO)

Business & Management

The dramatic rise in Fiat Chrysler’s stock has had a multiplier effect on Marchionne’s wealth, putting the 65-year-old executive in the ranks of the mega-wealthy who typically found and own companies, not those hired to run them. (Industry Week)

Business Analytics

Daimler has the most to lose if the Tesla Semi is what Elon Musk claims it is — a total supply chain disruptor. But the German truckmaker is skeptical Tesla poses a serious threat. (Industry Week)