Industry News


Companies have barely begun to address capital-allocation issues related to the law, and they may need to adjust some workers’ pay. (CFO)

Information Systems

5G may not be a known commodity right now, but in five years may have one billion subscriptions. (Industry Week)

Supply Chain Management

Companies adopting an intelligent operations strategy to manage their supply chains will be in the best position to succeed in the future—if they have the right talent. (Industry Week)

Marketing Analytics

French insurance giant AXA has agreed to buy XL Group for $15.3 billion, making a major move into property and casualty products as it shifts away from a primarily life and savings business. (CFO)


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has blocked the proposed sale of the Chicago Stock Exchange to a Chinese-led investor group, citing a lack of transparency about the source of funds for the deal and the ownership structure. (CFO)

Business & Management

Susan Parcells, finance transformation director at BlackLine, discusses the risks faced by organizations that shy from digital transformation. (CFO)

Business Analytics

The video-streaming unit of search-engine giant Baidu needs capital to fund content development as it competes with Tencent and Alibaba. (CFO)