New MSIS Coach, John Malone!

John is an alumnus (2015) of the Smith MSIS program, as such he brings direct personal knowledge of the curriculum and relationships with Smith faculty and program staff to his role as MSIS career coach. For the past 13 years including his time at Smith, John has owned an IT Consulting and Managed Services firm specializing in business development process and systems strategy. Prior to becoming a consultant, John held senior management positions the advertising, internet access services and textbook publishing industries. He has owned or been a principal partner in multiple start-ups.

In addition to his day job, John founded two social enterprise organizations to facilitate the development of small-scale, for-profit, locally run enterprises in rural India, Africa and Brazil whose focus was to produce or provide safe, clean water and energy to poor communities.

John has helped a diverse portfolio of clients mitigate disruption and manage transformations due to mergers and acquisitions and global business process outsourcing initiatives. His hands-on, strategic and client-facing experience applying the concepts and methodologies incorporated into the MSIS curriculum provide him with a real-world, practical perspective to be shared with students regarding life on the job in a consulting or global business environment. He has experience applying technology to a wide variety of business problems across many industries and for countless individual stakeholders. He is eager to apply what he knows toward helping Smith students succeed in their initial job search and well beyond as world-beating professionals.

Be sure to say hi to John the next time you see him and make him feel at home!