Upcoming Events

Company: PwC
Event title: PwC China Sourcing Initiative Information Session
Time: September 15 from 1:30pm to 3pm
Location: VMH 1524
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Introduction: Dedicated recruiting professionals located in PwC UK, PwC US and PwC Australia recruit individuals to PwC China and PwC Hong Kong who have international experience and valuable local Chinese knowledge and language skills. This initiative provides high caliber individuals the opportunity to work for a global professional services brand.  Attend this presentation to learn more


Association: GSAA
Event title: Welcome Reception and Networking!
Time: September 12 from 6pm to 8pm
Location: VMH 2333
Sign-Up Link: https://goo.gl/forms/0QgggTY1EPBuHv7F2

Introduction: This event gives you the the opportunity to network with 2nd year students who were at your position as a 1st year students, but finally found internships or full time jobs during the past summer vacation, and they are ready to give you guys very practical and valuable advice! Also, you can get connected with all your classmates from different tracks or even different majors! 


Association: SmithPeers
Event title: Mentor-Mentee Kickoff Meet
Time: September 22nd (exact time is not decided yet)
Location: TBA

Introduction: This event is aimed to introduce first-year students to their paired mentors and also learn some experience from invited mentor speakers.


Association: Master of Finance Association (MFA)
Event title: Smith Stock Pitch Competition (SSPC2017) (signature event of MFA)
Time: September 22nd
Location: VMH

Introduction: This event focuses on students working in a team environment and using their finance background to conduct a thorough analysis report on a particular public company, and to support their investment decisions, financial models will also likely be used to quantify their analyses.

Event title: Bloomberg Workshop (twice a year)
Time: End of September
Location: TBA

Introduction: Students from the Masters of Finance/Quantitative Finance will receive a workshop lecture from Charles LaHaie, who is the assistant director at Smith. Bloomberg is widely regarded as the language of finance, as it is a toolkit containing various tools for users to obtain data s/insights for different purposes. During the 90 mins workshop, Mr. LaHaie will introduce some basic functions as well as some advanced functions of Bloomberg. 


Association: APICS UMD Student Chapter
Event title: Reverse Logistics Speaker Event
Time: September 21st
Location: TBA

Introduction: In order to let students who have interest on Supply chain Management to know more about the importance of reverse logistics and solutions of reducing high cost of reverse logistics, APICS UMD Student Chapter invite guest speaker, Sylvie Thompson from Infosys Consulting Inc. to speak to us. Drinks and chips will be provided.

Event title: 2017 APICS UMD student Chapter Case Competition
Time: 10:00 AMSeptember 27th(Case Release); 11:00 AM, September 29th (Oral Presentation)
Location: TBA

Introduction: Our goal is to provide a platform for students to analyze real world business case as consulting teams. At the same time it is a good time for students to strengthen teamwork skills and presentation skills. We will invite professionals and professors to be the judges. The last two winner teams will have opportunity to participate the APICS district Case Competition and get big prize. Please check the email we send on September 5th and register to compete.