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Stressed about finding a job? Wondering how you can improve your interview or networking skills? Joining a CREST session may be the right move for you. Open to all 1ST Year Master Students, CREST sessions offer the unique opportunity to get small group attention and truly hone the skills necessary to find a job after graduation.

Students participate in mini-lessons on topics ranging from networking to e-mail writing, and share their questions about the job search process with one another to problem solve together. Not only does CREST offer the practice and skills students need for success, but it offers a comfortable space for students to learn and grow together. The sessions meet once a week for five weeks, and instructors tailor the sessions to meet the needs and questions of the participating students.

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Advanced Interviewing 101
Time: October 13th
Location: VMH 1333
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Introduction: Advanced Interviewing 101 invites you to proactively prepare for the interview process. In this session, you will explore the anatomy of the interview, interview protocols and learn how to convey your story in a chronological format. You will further understand the different types of interviews, your perceived value and how you can best prepare to land on the short of those candidates that move forward in the interviewing process. The session will be led by Office of Career Services, Director, Patricia Reich.