Reflections from a 1st year, after her 1st month

School is not easy. It is one of the hardest things that I have done thus far in my life. It is difficult to jump back into school especially when it has been a while. The last time I was in school was in 2011, and at the end of 2016 I decided that I wanted to apply to the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.  I wanted to make a pivot  in my career and transition into another industry and I knew that the Smith School of Business would be the best fit for me to do so.

Fast forward nine months later and I have just completed my very first month of business school. Things have been crazy to say the least but with every passing week things get easier. What do I mean? Well in my first week in school I was extremely overwhelmed with the amount of work that we were given right away. I unwisely thought of my undergraduate days when the first week of school was usually the easiest out of the year. WRONG. It was tough, and the professors made sure to dive in face first into the course work. The first week of school I seriously began to think that I had made the wrong decision to come back to school. I began to think that the coursework at the Smith School of Business was too rigorous for me and that there was no way that I would be able to do it.  From group meetings, to workshops, to schoolwork, to conference preparation, to internship searches, I felt as though I had way too much on my plate.

But as the weeks have gone by things have gotten progressively easier. So, what happened??? My busy schedule has not changed at all, if anything, I am even more busy than I was in week one. What has changed is my ability to manage my time, utilizing all the resources that Smith Business School has to offer (tutors, group study sessions, and online tools) and my ability to push full steam ahead. The reality of it is that getting your MBA is not meant to be easy, if it was everyone would have one. Rather Smith school of Business it is preparing me for what I will face in the real world at an extremely high level.

I know that the remainder of my time here will not be easy. I know that I will have to stay up many of late nights, and will have to sacrifice a lot of my free time to get to my end goal. But it is comforting to know that no matter where I land after I graduate that I will be fully prepared thanks to the University of Maryland and the Smith School of Business!



Until Next Time

Kimberley Camps

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