How to stay Happy while in the MBA

I think I have stated how stressful being in an MBA program is. You are constantly on the go and some times it can feel like you are a hamster on a hamster wheel. But when I begin feeling as such there are several different things that I do to ensure that my mind body and soul stay right during this whole journey. 


I think that this has become one of my favorite ways of decompressing. Exercising when I feel stressed or overwhelmed helps to relieve a lot of anxiety. Making sure to exercise every once in a while also helps with fatigue that I face during the semester. What is great about being a student at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business is that you get free access to a huge gym on campus! So if you don’t have any exercise equipment or have a gym where you live, you are still able to exercise and stay healthy!

Being Social with Friends/Family

Within my first semester it became very hard for me to keep in touch with my friends and family. I was always so busy and found it hard to reply to texts and phone calls. This was a big mistake on my part because being social and keeping in touch with those who love and know is key in being able to decompress on really hard days. If I could do it over again I would plan specific off days to go hang with my friends and see my family so I could get away from the madness of business school.

Do Something Special for Yourself

I am all for Treating Yourself! During your MBA journey you will be faced with several disappointments and sometimes it will hurt  and make you will feel low. Making sure to have pick me ups and treating yourself is essential to keeping your happiness and joy during the program. I personally love to shop, so me purchasing a piece of clothing for myself always makes me feel good. Doing something that makes you feel good or lifts your spirits is a great way to ensure that you are happy and feeling good throughout the program. 

I hope these tips help you when you attend business school! Remember that it is a marathon not a sprint so pace yourself and enjoy the ride!




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