Thanksgiving, a new experience for me, a Non American person! Including the whole Black Friday experience!

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Last week it was Thanksgiving break, it was nice, especially because I had my mom visiting me from Colombia. It was a relaxing week, I didn’t do too much! For the actual Thanksgiving Day I met with Colombian friends and had a banquet of Colombian food… not too much of turkey but it was a fun party.

So, I have found out that at least in this part of the US, Thanksgiving it’s a huge deal, it’s a BIG HOLIDAY! Back in my country the main holiday of the year it’s Christmas, and although here Christmas it’s of course an important date, I think sometimes that the Turkey beats Santa!

What’s even more interesting it’s the reason why I think this is! And even if this sounds “Nerdy” or sooo cliché, it has been the MBA experience what has allowed me to learn all this: It is due to Diversity!! One of those big pillars of any desired MBA program. So, back in Colombia pretty much everyone is Catholic, my friends, my family, my colleagues, etc. which means, we all celebrate Christmas and the same holidays and religious days. However in this area of the US and indeed in this MBA program there is so much diversity that for the first time in my life I have met lots of people who don’t celebrate Christmas, actually on Christmas day (Dec 25th) it is a very common plan to go to the movies and eat Chinese in this part of the country ?!?!?!? (Things I’ve learnt through my 1.5 years in this country).

Ok, 2nd important discovery of the Turkey Holiday: People here go insaneeee about shopping!!! Black Friday it’s nothing like you imagine until you go and see it yourself. Although I would NEVER go at 4 am to a mall like many people does – my sleep it’s one of my most sacred things – anytime of the day or even the weekend will be crazy enough to experience what a Black Friday is about. I went on Friday to a mall and on Saturday to a factory outlet and I had to struggle to find parking both times! Every single store was packed and people were all over! Even people in their pajamas that were there since very early in the morning…

I am sure these are things you can only experience in the US, but it was a very cool experience, I really enjoyed it. I eat a lot, I shopped, I rested, I hung out with my mom and started to feel the winter was here again, all in just one week!

It is getting so cold now, that the truth be told: I can only wait to be going home for my break and escape from these freezing temperatures!

Till’ next time~~!~~!

Me and my friends having our Colombian style Thanksgiving party!