Oct 062015

We’ve all thought it, said it or heard it before–‘I’m not good at taking tests.’ From the perfectly crafted outlines devoted to memory to the loud ticking of the clock on test day and the sinking feeling of your grade lowering as your memory fails you–taking tests is not fun. Yet tests are so deeply integrated into academia, its hard to avoid them if you have a desire to further your education.

After 10 years in the workforce and out of school, I found the idea of taking the GMAT daunting. The more people I spoke to, the more I realized there are tons of people who wanted to go back to school but were repelled by the idea of taking this test. As I was determined to get an MBA, I decided to start viewing tests as a game. Your objective is to win but there are hurdles and curve balls thrown your way in order to keep you from advancing to the next level.

Midterms in my first semester of B-school were definitely loaded with hurdles. One year ago, I never would have guessed I could calculate the price elasticity of an Xbox 360 console. I am not even sure I got the right answer (actually I’m very doubtful I did) but the fact that I had some idea of how to was a leap over a huge hurdle. I am glad to have midterms behind me but in hindsight, it was not as bad as I thought.

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