Mar 032016

I guess I am not the typical business school student. I received a BFA (yes, the ‘FA’ stands for fine art) majoring in photography and graphic design from the Parsons School of Design in NYC. My alma mater did not have sororities, sports teams, a cafeteria or even a campus for that matter. If I had invited my artsy classmates to a football game, they would have assumed I was joking.

My experience at Smith could not be any more different from my days at Parsons. One typical university experience that still eluded me was spring break. I wasn’t angling to have the full Panama City Beach, FL spring break experience but the idea of going somewhere tropical with a classmate I enjoyed sounded just right.

My cohort member Madeleine and I left for the Cayman Islands with the exact same agenda–relaxation. We pet stingrays, sipped tropical drinks on white sand beaches and ate the best ceviche ever. We accomplished our mission for relaxation and had a lot of fun too. Loving my #MBAlife

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