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Technology and the Failure of the University

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I have had the opportunity to teach:
Traditional classes
Online classes with synchronous video interaction with students via Adobe
A MOOC, Massive Open Online course with 2000 students (not for  credit)

The Smith School is working on a Micro-Masters in which students will complete seven MOOCs without synchronous interaction with faculty. If students pass a proctored exam and are admitted to our Online MBA Program, they will receive credit for the MOOCs completed. Our challenge is to create a MOOC which is sufficiently rigorous and has sufficient content to qualify for college credit.

The technology that let’s us do all of this is incredible. However, it presents a double-edged sword to colleges and universities. While we can extend our reach geographically and expand our educational mission, there are schools which will be left out because they cannot afford the technology and/or do not have faculty and staff able to mount new technology-enhanced courses.

I have explored some of these issues in a book, Technology and the Disruption of Higher Education, World Scientific, 2016, and in an invited article in The Communications of the ACM.

There is a link to the ACM article on my home page under the “Publications” tab.



A Plan to Better Finance Our Schools

June 22nd, 2018 by under Disruptive and Transformational Technologies, Education. No Comments.

Recent teacher strikes have highlighted the lack of resources for K-12 education in many states. We have a huge defense budget, with Congress often providing more funding for various weapons systems than the Pentagon requests.

In an op-ed I propose that 10% of the defense budget be applied to funding education. We are well prepared for external threats, but I argue that our internal security depends on a well-educated electorate. We are falling short on that goal. Read more at: