Football Again

June 27th, 2011 by under The University Today. No Comments.

In 2011 Jim Tressel, Ohio State’s winning football coach was forced to resign because of an infraction of NCAA rules, his failure to report the violations, and for lying about his knowledge in a signed report to the NCAA according to Yahoo News and the AP (5/30/2011). The infractions involve players who purportedly received cash and discounted tattoos from a local parlor.

The NCAA suspended the players including a star quarterback for the beginning of the 2011 season, but evidently to teach everyone a lesson, it let them play in the Sugar Bowl which Ohio State won. The president of the University appointed a committee to investigate and reported his decision to the trustees.

One has to wonder why a university with the mission of education and research has to be distracted by the behavior of the players and coaches. Is it because they don’t really belong in a university? Are they really a professional sports corporation that happens to be located on the campus? If so, then we are close to my favored solution for these problems, that we franchise the name of the University to a corporation that hires players and coaches. The University can rent facilities including a stadium to the corporation. There will be no need for the NCAA and if local merchants want to give gifts to professional athletes who are not students, they will be free to do so. We can still have a college football team, but it will not corrupt the rest of the institution.