Matchmaker, match…

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So I met what I think is my best match the first thing on the first day of the conference. I walked up and made my second attempt of the day at the ladder pitch. It went something like this. “Hellomyname is Mark … nice to meet you … iamasecondyearMBA.” You get the picture, I had too much coffee. I think that the person I spoke to may have heard about four of the words I said before informing me that the person I was looking for was getting coffee and that I should come back later. Got it.

 I heard the “come back later to talk to soandso” response easily 30 times the weekend of the conference. This is completely understandable. If I was soandso, and to some people I am, I would not want to stand there for too long either. My favorite come back later story involved a person I looked after five times before she was pointed out to me from across the room speaking to another MBA hopeful. I then returned and upon seeing her several feet away was informed that she again was not there. Now you may take from this that I was an intolerable pest and that they were trying to dismiss me with means slightly less forceful than a firehouse, however, what I believe was actually the case was a sad byproduct of globalization. The recruiters these firms sent were from all over the world and many could not pick out another from a photo array much less a crowded conference after six hours of speaking to soandso.

So I approached these firms and got some sleep after day one. I returned for day two, … tired. That actually turned out to be for the best, I approached my main match again with a much more conversational version of the same statement. After walking a recruiter through my resume at less than breakneck pace I heard two things:

1. “You should reflect more of your finance experience on your resume.”

2. “Do you have time for an interview?” Music to my ears… Why of course I do. More on the interview later…