One Step…

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I did not have the priviledge of speaking with this recruiter in any of the interview rooms at the conference. Our conversation took place in the cafeteria upstairs and this normally would serve very well save for the fact that directly across the room there were rather large bay windows and the unfortunate part about this in my particular situation was that I had this interview in the mid-afternoon and the sun was right in my face. However I squinted my way through what I feel are the two first questions in virtually any interview, by no means specific to the MBA experience.

1. Walk me through your resume… (This is just a specific version of the caterpillar’s question I discussed earlier, “Who are you?”)

2. Why do you want this job? (This occurs in various ways, what do you know about us? and such…)

After these questions, as is usually the case, he took the chance to inform me about the group that he was hiring for. He then proceeded to the fun part, which instantly brought value to the time I spent reading the vault guide to finance interviews, (a book I strongly recommend for those interested in jobs in finance)

1. How do you value a company? (comparable firm multiples and discounted cash flow is the simple answer and probably the one they want, the complicated answer is the subject of much discussion…)

2. When working from financial statements, how do you get to free cash flow? ((EBIT-EBIT*Tc)+Dep.-CAPEX-Change in WC))

This is quite representative of other interviews I have had since and proceeded well, but that’s not much of an indication of actual success as any number of other factors that have little to do with the interview and everything to do with the firm I interview with. My follow up process follows in the next post…