New Beginnings and Adventures at Smith!- Lavanya

Lavanya Rallabandi
Master of Science in Business Analytics

Hello everyone. I am Lavanya Rallabandi, a proud first-year candidate of the Masters of Science in Business Analytics program at  Smith. I joined UMD in August this year, and here are some snippets from my journey since then!

My goal in pursuing Business Analytics was to explore – in, as well as, out of the program. Being an international student is tough because you take time to adjust to the new culture and you are trying to make new friends. You are also trying to be at the top of your class, be it in teamwork or individual work. All of this can tire you out, but don’t forget to enjoy the experience while you’re at it!  


It has been three months into the program and I feel that Smith allows students to learn, and engages you to have fun! Yes, there are tough times (midterms and grueling assignments) where you must study a lot, but overall it is a good balance.

I also enjoy Fall, since it’s  Homecoming time! We are a BIG-10 school, with great sports teams that play throughout the year. I am from India, and the concept of American Football was very new to me, and I wasn’t sure about going to the first match. I eventually went , and  it was  a thrilling experience- we also won the game! Student tickets are also free which is even better!


Along with the fun, Smith gives you ample opportunities to learn. I was able to attend quite a lot of workshops, seminars, and other information/team building sessions. I think all these events were very welcoming and informative. All of them are very helpful, and the faculty/guest lecturers are good with their sessions. Events such as these are organized by the Masters Program’s Office in collaboration with Smith Masters Student Association and other similar organizations. I felt this to be a great way to explore within as well as beyond the academic curriculum.

I am looking forward to an eventful spring semester, and I hope to talk to you guys again. Bye till then!

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