Student Club Fun!- Hayley

My name is Hayley Smith and I am a second year Master of Science in Accounting student on the Public Accounting track. For the past year, I have served as President of GSAA (Graduate Student Accounting Association). GSAA is one of many degree majors focused clubs at the Smith School that aims to host events to help students socially and professionally. One of my favorite events we hosted this semester was our Welcome Reception.

We began the event with a presentation by Lori Nazarro from Becker Professional Education. Lori was able to provide essential information to students on the structure of the CPA exams and how they can properly prepare for them. She also explained the Becker CPA Preparation Program and had a raffle for valuable CPA flashcards!

Afterward, we had a panel of students who had internships over the summer share their experience. I had the pleasure of sharing my experience using OCS (Office of Career Services) to obtain an internship and what it was like to be an audit intern at KPMG. The two other featured students had interned at two of the other Big Four Firms, Ernst &Young, and Deloitte. While we each completed similar internships, we each had completely different experiences to share on how we obtained our internships. It felt great helping other students as I was in their shoes exactly one year ago!

Students also had the opportunity to interact with each other over pizza, snacks, and refreshments! I personally enjoyed meeting the new students and getting to learn about their backgrounds and career goals. Since the event, I have worked with many of these students in the classroom and I look forward to having these students as professional connections after graduation!

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