My Experience as a Plus One Student! – Gabrielle

Hi! My name is Gabrielle Bianchi and I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Information Systems at the University of Maryland. I also completed my undergraduate degree here in Accounting and Information Systems.

I have definitely enjoyed my experience so far in the MSIS program! I was warmly welcomed by the graduate staff and student body when entering the program full time.

I have met other students from all over the world as an active candidate in the program. The opportunity to work with a diverse group of students is something that I am most grateful for.

My favorite course I have taken so far is called Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. In this course, we practiced technical skills in a variety of big data platforms such as Pig and Spark. We worked with teams in AWS to create clusters, store data, and perform machine learning operations as well. We recently presented our final projects, in which we were asked to download, cleanse, and transform a large dataset. Each team was then required to draw conclusions regarding the data, use novel visualization tools, and present unique findings to the class. My team worked with a large dataset from Yelp and relished in the opportunity to analyze consumer behavior and trends in the marketplace. I enjoyed working on this project because data cleansing is a skill that a majority of companies today are searching for in potential employees.

As a result of taking this Big Data course, I realized I am interested in artificial intelligence and how that technology specifically is impacting automation and standard processing in a variety of industries. The coursework required in the MSIS program has encouraged me to realize my true passions in modern tech.

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