Things I Learned In My First Semester- Sri

Hi! My name is Sri Surya Palacharla and I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Business Analytics. This is my second semester at Smith School and it has been one great learning experience.

There were many questions in my mind regarding how I will be able to communicate my doubts to the professors and staff. But, Smith school staff made me feel like home. They were very responsive and friendly. This set the tone for me and helped me learn all the courses with passion.

Academics is just one part of life at Smith. The things that excite me the most about Smith is its interactive events. There are many events that are organized by SMSA (Smith Masters Student Association) and MPO (Masters Program Office). These events range from Academics to Cultural events. There were events on Halloween, Diwali and Chinese New Year. That’s amazing, right? You are exposed to various cultures and have a great time with your friends. This is what Smith is all about. It’s one place where all cultures are celebrated. Diversity is the strength of Smith. I learned a great deal from these events and look forward to future events.

Another great element of Smith is that there are various Student Clubs and each student is involved in some form of leadership activities. Overall, the mixture of knowledge, transition, networking, having fun made my first semester a memorable one and all thanks to the wonderful family of Smith.

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