Beating the stress of graduate school-Vamsi

I am Vamsi and I am a first year Marketing Analytics student at the Robert H. Smith school of business. With all the coursework, projects and assignments, graduate school can get stressful and a bit overwhelming at times, especially if you are an international student. So I decided to share my experience dealing with stress as an international student.

This is my first time living away from home, as is the case with many international students. Understanding the culture and getting acclimated to the weather does take quite some time. The coursework in the marketing analytics program starts slow but ramps up pretty fast, so I recommend spending an initial couple of weeks interacting with locals and researching about the weather (It gets quite cold !!). Once the coursework ramps up you will have 2-3 assignment submissions each week and along with having to search for a summer internship (or job depending on the program track), and it gets pretty hectic and stressful. I built a schedule to manage my time better and made it a point to set aside at least one day per week where I did nothing related to academics. I really enjoy video games and great food. I used my free days playing video games from my long backlog list and trying different cuisines from restaurants in D.C.The beauty of living so close to the nation’s capital is that you can find food from almost any part of the world!! Another activity that helped me alleviate the stress was physical exercise; I regularly go swimming at UMD’s Recwell center. Swimming really takes my mind off things and helps me relax.


I hope my experience helps. I encourage every graduate student to come up with find a way to beat stress as stress isn’t great for mental health. Additionally, UMD has some great initiatives by students like Dan’s Bandana Project to help fellow students with stress, anxiety, and depression.

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