Present fearlessly- Linda

Hi, I’m Linda Atubra and I am a first-year Master of Science in Accounting program, specializing in External Audit.

One of the most challenging but interesting things I enjoy at the Smith school is the group project and presentations. The Smith community is surrounded by diverse leading thinkers in the field, including excellent faculty members, guest speakers, and fellow graduate students. Having group presentations with people from different background, cultures, languages, and skills is interesting. Almost every class gives group presentations, and this helps us to manage our time to meet deadlines. Taking courses such as Business Communications and Business Analytics helps me with data visualization as well as combining great writing and oral presentation skills while engaging with others.

This is particularly important because merely analyzing and visualizing data is not enough to meet today’s complex real-world needs, but the ability to communicate your findings to an audience in an exciting and easy to understand manner is key.

My dream is to become a great leader and great leaders are excellent communicators. Group work and presentations challenge us to think outside the box. The business world today is hungry for people who can think differently as well as express their ideas to their audience’s satisfaction. Effective communication and effective leadership are closely connected, and each presentation gives me the opportunity to improve upon this skill. In addition to all these talented people, there are numerous resources to help students improve and succeed regardless of their level of presentations skill. The Smith school not only help us to do presentations, it helps transform us into truly world-class professional communicators.  

Now I am ready to lead presentations fearlessly! 😊

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