Access to Resources- Anmol

My name is Anmol Bhargava and I am a first-year student in the Master of Science in Business Analytics.  My experience so far has been great and I am really enjoying my time at the school while studying and attending the events on campus. The university has a strong network of alumnus spread across throughout the globe and they pay frequent visits to the university for hiring and organizing events.  These events, in my opinion, serve as a great networking ground where they give us the insight about the latest technologies being used, guide us with the steps we should take in order to do well in the school and also how we can succeed in our career.

Another aspect that enthralls me being a Terp is the efforts made by the Smith School in ensuring students get access to all resources which would help them in developing skills and knowledge required to succeed in their career in the long run. The Smith School of Business organizes various events all throughout the semester. Last week, I attended a session on AWS and the speaker shared the great insights on the cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. I really enjoyed that session because it was so informative and it really helped me know more about this platform. I look forward to attending such sessions in the future as well.

The Smith School of Business has students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The thing that really interests me the most is the zeal and enthusiasm with which every festival is being celebrated here whether it be Diwali or Christmas. Recently, I had a chance to attend the Chinese New Year festival at Smith. It was great to see people from diverse backgrounds celebrating the festival, something that I have not celebrated in my home country. It was great to learn about different cultures and the Chinese festivities. I felt that it brought all the different backgrounds of students together under one roof and I didn’t feel like I was away from home.

I would also like to share an amazing experience I had representing the Smith School at a recent basketball match held at Xfinity Center between University of Maryland and Purdue. This was my first time attending such an event.  I was mesmerized to see that so many students turned up to support our local team, the entire stadium was full of positive energy, cheering our school team; it was great to see our school win the match.

My whole experience at Smith has been very cherishing. I’ve learned so many new tools and technologies and have also made so many new friends and connections that will be very valuable as I continue in my career and shall always appreciate my experience being a Terp!

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