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Time to Move On !!!

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I knew it wouldn’t be easy. It wasn’t supposed to be anyway. But God has His own ways to spice things up. Just before arriving in US, my insane passion for cricket had me with a fractured left arm. Thankfully, I am a righty. But then, this wasn’t all. A few days earlier, I went in to my manager’s office to inform him about my resignation and came out with a generous offer of salary raise and grade promotion to keep me away from leaving Ericsson. The decision to leave the company after four years, where I worked on challenging projects in different environments, was consistently recognized, valued and appreciated for my work, and developed some close friendships, was already a tough one. And the latest proposal didn’t make it any easier. Things turned out to be even more dramatic when I had to undergo the second surgery on my arm days before my flight to US. But, I have always believed that if you really want something to happen for you, you have got to make that happen yourself. I had made a decision and I was going to stick with that. I arrived in US soon after, leaving behind the comfort of home in Pakistan and a relatively secure job in the current stumbling economy, jumping into a world of uncertainty.

The same question kept probing me even into the first few days of orientation: is it the right time to be in a business school? With unpredictable market and no real sense of what the economy would be like in two years time when I’d be looking for a full-time job, I guess it would be too soon to answer that question rationally. But deep down inside, I never doubted my decision. I knew it was time to move on, to take the leap and it would be eventually worth it.

 “How do geese know when to fly to the sun? Who tells them the seasons? How do we, humans know when it is time to move on? As with the migrant birds, so surely with us, there is a voice within if only we would listen to it, that tells us certainly when to go forth into the unknown.” (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross)