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Procrastination is my sin!! For the most part of this month, that is what I have been doing. It all started with a flu right before the Term C final exams. They say nothing is slower than a sick turtle (terp). Though I fully recovered by the time I was done with my last exam (great timing, huh!), it kind of threw my “spring break to do list” into disorder. I actually ended up taking a refreshing break and not doing much of the things I needed to (and were already pending for some time due to aforementioned sin). After I came back from the break, I realized that I still had to pick the courses for the next semester. It was not as simple as that. I effectively had to plan for all the courses I had to take at Smith and in a way choose my function of focus. I was supposed to register for the classes the next day, and I also had to prepare the cases for my Ethics course. MBA teaches you many arts; one of them is how to stay calm when the panic button goes off and somehow get things done in the last minute. I had to extract 4 hours out of my valuable sleep to come up with a plan for the next two semesters. Next I just had to execute the plan, which involved getting up early enough in the morning to be at campus at 8:30am to register. But it was one of those days when you get up on the wrong side of the bed. I woke up half an hour late and rushed through the traffic to reach the campus just in time. I went through some anxious moments during registration because of overloaded server and partially because of mistakenly entering the wrong codes for the courses, but eventually managed to get in all the desired courses. Somewhat relieved I grabbed a cup of coffee and went for my Operations Management class. Espresso doesn’t work for me on an empty stomach; it leaves me nauseous with dizziness. I survived through the classes and my GA office hours and got back to my apartment in the evening. They say when it’s not your day, it’s probably not your evening either. I was greeted by a leak in my apartment that was ruining the carpet. But I was too exhausted to worry over anything right then. It was time to watch TV, have dinner and get over a tiring day. And I picked up the remote saying to myself “I need to stop procrastinating – starting tomorrow”.