It's over

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So, that’s it…I’m done. My last group paper was turned in yesterday. I had my last class a week ago. It feels so odd. The three years went by so fast. Our first academic advisor at the Shady Grove campus was completely right about how quickly the program would be over.

Her words were, if I remember them right:
The MBA program is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.

I had this crazy notion that I would be able to take it easy in my final semester. I would be able to chill out with a bad case of senioritis. That didn’t happen. The last month was a brutal forced march of trying to get everything done so I would actually be able to graduate. After I got back from the VCIC, I had to finish my Ethics ELM makeup paper (since I never actually attended the ELM), a midterm and a group paper for Prof. Frels, and a group paper and presentation for Prof. Kirsch. On top of all this, I was part of a proposal team at work and was burning the midnight oil trying to get that done. Sometimes the peaks all line up.

The presentation for Prof. Kirsch was a ton of fun. He suggested Pecha Kucha format, which is like haiku for Powerpoint. The rules of pecha kucha are that you must present exactly twenty slides and you must spend exactly twenty seconds per slide. It’s a major challenge if you’re a blabbermouth or have a tendency to put ten bullets on every one of your slides. You have to communicate your findings in as concise a manner as possible and use a ton of visual aids. In my presentation, I used a bunch of these including pictures of tombstones, a great white shark, a cat staring in a toilet, Stuart Smalley, a bottle of beer, and me in my wrestling gear. Somehow all of those items made logical business sense when they were placed together.

In a similar fashion, all of the disparate knowledge I have gained over the last three years makes sense together. I started purging all of my readings the other night and it is amazing how much material we went through. Somehow, all of that information now has a place in my brain. Hopefully it won’t be lost as I wade through the massive “fun” reading pile that has built up over the last three years. I started with “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War” by Max Brooks.

What’s on your summer reading list?