50,000+ New Smith Alumni Contact Records Added to Salesforce

I could not think of a more exciting subject line for our next Salesforce update! 

As many of you know, we are working hard on an integration between Advance and Salesforce. As a friendly reminder for those that do not know, Advance is the platform used across the entire University of Maryland system to manage alumni and donor records. For alumni, we consider Advance the system of record. Access to the system of Advance is typically reserved for members of the University Relations team. To access alumni records, you must make a formal request to our internal UR team, the Office of Development & Alumni Relations (DAR). Once the integration between Salesforce CRM & Advance is complete, Smith Salesforce users will have access to that data at their finger tips, real time. Exciting! 

But more to come on that fun project later…. because today we are uploading over 50,000 Smith Alumni records into Salesforce. Hooray!

These are the same alumni records that are in Advance, but it does not mean the integration is set-up and operational just yet. We wanted to do a one-time upload of these records to start the de-duping process for records we might already have in Salesforce, start allowing you to contribute your relationships and data on these records in Salesforce, AND prepare for Map Anything.

What’s Map Anything? It’s an app where you can map anything. 

Were you looking for something more specific? I hope so! I’m really excited about this roll-out (as I am most things related to Salesforce) since I think it will help add more functionality and value to existing data for our super awesome Salesforce users. We have identified a group of beta users across business units at Smith who will be trained on Monday, December 4th. 

What does this have to do with 50,000 alumni records in Salesforce? Map Anything is a productivity tool that leverages address information on contact and account records and lets you visualize that data on google maps. Interested in throwing an alumni event in CA but not sure which city has the largest concentration of Smith alumni? How will you define the scope of the invitation list once you pick a city with just a bunch of zip codes? What if you want to throw an event for alumni and invite prospective MBA applicants that are in the same city? 

Map Anything will allow you to leverage address information of the tens of thousands of alumni & student records we have readily available to make more effective decision-making on targeting geographic regions for events, marketing, recruiting, and more! 

We look forward to rolling this out next week and watching your teams productivity continue to climb!

Till then,

Your Salesforce Admin

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