2017: A Salesforce Year In Review

Dear Colleagues,

It has been the most amazing year of my career so far to serve as your Salesforce Admin. It has been both challenging and rewarding, and I have learned so much more about Salesforce than I thought possible. But don’t worry, I have plenty more room left in my brain to learn more and help you tackle your challenges!

We have accomplished so much together, so I’d like to dedicate this post to a look back at what we’ve achieved. 

  1. We added 97 new Salesforce users to our community in 2017. Wow! No wonder I had to roll-out so many new training modules!
  2. We adopted TaskRay as our enterprise project management tool. I remember the day I showed a poor quality youtube video of TaskRay for 10 minutes to the Salesforce Advisory Board, and asked “do you guys want this?” The next day, we purchased 60 licenses and rolled it out to 6+ departments.
  3. We launched the Salesforce Advisory Board! This group of 23 individuals represent every business unit across Smith, and have made some really exciting governance decisions such as making contact records public read/write, and have continued to inspire and guide our roadmap roll-out. Without their support, enthusiasm, and tolerance for my games we sometimes play to kick-off meetings, I might have gone crazy this year. 
  4. We successfully lobbied to serve as a campus pilot for integration Advance and Salesforce (thanks, Dale!) Coming Spring 2018, Smith Salesforce users will have alumni records at their fingertips, and the ability to contribute relationships and updates on alumni they engage with to create a transparent single-source for each contact. 
  5. We purchased Marketing Cloud as our enterprise marketing automation tool, and we did it all in 3 months flat! From discovery, requirements gathering, vendor demos and countless discussions, we stuck to our ambitious timeline and selected a tool that will increase engagement, streamline communication efforts and elevate our customer service and personalization. 
  6. Collectively, we’ve earned over 200+ trailhead badges!
  7. We created 5 new Graduate Assistant positions dedicated to Salesforce, and as a result of the skills and training they had access to, one of our international students landed a job as a Salesforce developer with a VA-based consulting firm. Hooray! 
  8. We ended our last Salesforce Advisory Board Meeting of 2017 with hot chocolate and cookies, and hearing success stories from our users. Oh, and we enjoyed homemade tea-shaped cookies with custom Salesforce tags 😉 That sounds worthy of a picture… 

The list goes on…. but in order to keep your attention span I’ll call it a wrap! These are some of my personal favorites, and I carry a deep appreciation to all of you for making them a reality. 

What are your favorite Salesforce accomplishments in 2017? Feel free to share with us in the comments below! 

In the meantime, wishing you Happy Holidays! 

See ya in 2018! 


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