Welcoming Our New Hiking Guide: Astro!

We definitely need some more help, but who is Astro?

The best way to describe Astro is… adorable. If you don’t believe me, here is a photo of his mug shot:

To help our amazing Salesforce users continue to learn and grow, Astro will be helping guide us through trails and modules on Trailhead

He’ll be a frequent visitor to our Open Smith Project Chatter Group where he’ll point out some new badges you should be earning to keep up with the Smith Salesforce roll-out.  Since we like to have fun, Astro will promote competitions and offer fun prizes for his new best friends —-> that’s you! 

Sometimes, Astro will pop-in to teach us a fun fact about Salesforce, Chatter, Marketing Cloud, or another cool product or app we might be using.  He’s really going to be our hiking guide as we continue to blaze through trails, earn badges, and continue to grow and learn as a community! 

Here is a fun fact about chatter to get you started: the global search bar at the top of your Salesforce window is truly a global search bar. That means you can search using any detail you might have! Maybe it’s just a phone number, a student ID, an email, or the last name, just pop it in the search bar and Salesforce will show you all of the records that in the system associated with that value. 

For Chatter specifically, we can use hashtags to group conversations and topics to make them searchable later. Sounds similar to social media, right?

You can search “Astro” in the global search bar to filter the conversation to just the cool tips and badges he is promoting any time you want! If you notice a chatter post from Astro on your homepage, you can also just click on the #Astro hashtag highlighted blue (meaning, it’s a hot link that will filter all posts with that hashtag)! 

Please join me in welcoming Astro to the team!

Hi, Astro! 


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