Lightning Private Notes is Here!

We’ve heard and answered your calls!

You want a super secret place to write really sweet notes about a contact, company, or opportunity that you’re just too shy to share with others.

We’ve got you covered! Our solution was simply to turn on an out-of-the-box feature: Lightning Notes. “Lightning” because it’s part of the new Lightning UI, and “Notes” because you can leave you super secret sweet (…alliteration strikes again) notes that still live on the record but for your eyes only.

But, wait! You also said that sometimes, you’d like to share that super secret sweet note with others. Maybe that person is your boss or you’d like to share with your entire team. Lightning notes allow you to open up the visibility of that note to individual Salesforce users (as many as you’d like) and/or entire chatter groups. You can also add that note to other records if it’s relevant to another contact, company or opportunity record!  How exciting!

Here is a screenshot of where you can find it on a contact record. Note that “Notes” is under your related lists tab! 

By default, the note I made is private just to me. But as you can see by the screenshot below, once I click on the note to open it up, I can take more action to open up visibility to other Salesforce users.

If I “share” this note with a Salesforce Chatter Group, they’ll see it pop up in their chatter feed as a notification and can open it up from their chatter view to see more!

You can all find Lightning Notes on your various records, just remember that by default only you can see notes added. It’s always a good idea to at least share those super secret sweet notes with your team (aka chatter group) to increase transparency and collaboration! 

If you’d like to see a demo of how Lightning Notes works, you can head on over to the “Open Smith Project” chatter group and find a short demo video under Training Videos in the group details section.

Happy Noting!


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