GDPR: You need to know about this….

Beginning on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. 

What the heck is GDPR? It’s a new “landmark” privacy law that expands the privacy rights of EU citizens. It impacts virtually every organization and institution on the planet. Why? Because in some way or another, at one time or today, we market, track, or handle data on EU citizens. 

It’s a big deal, and you should know about it. 

I also don’t think it will be the last major piece of legislation designed to regulate the use of an individual’s personal data, so we should expect other countries (including the U.S.) to take similar measures in the coming years. 

What does it mean, exactly? GDPR covers a lot, but in a really tiny nutshell, here is what you need to know:

  • The definition of “personal data” has been greatly broadened in scope 
  • Organizations must use simple language to receive consent to collect personal data & explain what it will be used for
  • Individuals now have the “right to be forgotten,” requiring organizations to delete their data upon request 

Is that all? Definitely, not! But that’s all I figured I could write before you fell asleep.

How do I learn more? You know I love when you ask me that question! We have a lot of resources available to help you learn more, including a fantastic overview & video by Salesforce, and of course a Salesforce Trailhead!


Marketing Cloud will help! To ensure Smith will be compliant with GDPR, our Marketing Cloud roll-out will be incredibly beneficial to supporting some data governance changes that we will be implementing. Check back soon for a post about an update to our roll-out timeline and roadmap. 

In the meantime, educate yourself on GDPR with the resources provided! 

Till the next update,

Your Salesforce Admin


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