Marketing Cloud Update: We’re Live!

That’s right…. Marketing Cloud is fully functional, up and running, connected to Salesforce, …. it’s LIVE! 

This is exciting news, as the need for an enterprise marketing automation solution was big! Now that you know it’s here and ready for use, I’m sure you have a lot of questions that I will do my best to anticipate and answer below:

Who were the lucky ones that got to send the first email out? Our Master’s Program Office sent their first email to the first batch of incoming FT MBA students on Wednesday, May 23rd. The email looked beautiful, and we have loved watching the tracking statistics and open rates climb! Thanks to Marketing Cloud, we can monitor the email deliverability rates through dashboards like these! Hooray for 100% deliverability rates! 

When do I get to use Marketing Cloud? I am guessing this is your next question (or maybe it was your first!) We should think of Marketing Cloud as if we had just adopted an adorable puppy. We are all super happy the puppy is in the family. But the puppy needs some time to adjust, and until it gets all of its shots, the puppy can’t go outside or interact with too many humans yet. The humans that do get to interact with the puppy have to wash their hands first and we are low on soap. Another group of humans is going to work on training the puppy so when we come knocking on your door, you’re dealing with a well-behaved, still adorable, no-nonsense puppy ready to do tricks! 

So when do I get to play with the puppy? Since my analogy still didn’t answer your question, I will direct you to the staff intranet where you can check out the Open Smith Project > Marketing Cloud > Roadmap. So far, we are on schedule with the roadmap, meaning MANY of you will be in training this summer. If your onboarding timeline changes, I will keep you posted! 

What’s happening right now with Marketing Cloud, besides MPO’s awesome emails? We are continuing to work with our implementation partner, Balance Digital Marketing, to finalize the configuration/integration, training, and set-up our first customer journey using journey builder. We’ve decided to launch the PT MBA prospective student journey to start and look forward to showing you the amazing new content the Marketing team is delivering. 

I’m really excited, aren’t you? YES, I AM SO EXCITED! This is going to be transformational for our community and engagements, and I can’t wait to start seeing more data roll-in that helps us quantify our impact. 

So, should I sit here and wait until you tell me I can meet the puppy? Kind of, yeah.

Thank you to everyone for your continued enthusiasm, patience, and support throughout this implementation. I promise to keep you posted as we continue to navigate our roadmap and make you aware of any changes that may impact you and your team. 

-Your Salesforce Admin


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