Sending a Mass Email: What are my Options?

This has been a hot topic here at Smith for the past few months as we consider who should have one of the 45 coveted Marketing Cloud Licenses. To figure out which option for sending a mass email is best for you, please take some time to review your options below to make sure we find the best solution to meet your needs, resources, and time! 

Let’s knock out the basics first, there are 3 ways you can send a mass email today:

  1. Salesforce (new and improved!)
  2. Marketing Cloud
  3. Cirrus Insight

Each option has pros and cons, so I’ve provided a table below to help you determine the best option for you! 

Understanding the difference between each email feature and product capabilities is really important when we try to determine who should receive a Marketing Cloud license. 

While Marketing Cloud emails definitely “look” the prettiest, most of you can get away with using Salesforce and/or Cirrus Insight Campaigns as a fantastic alternative to sending personalized emails. 

I hope this table helps!

-Your Salesforce Admin


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