We Launched Marketing Cloud & 30+ Smith Marketing Cloud Specialists

Are you eager for a Marketing Cloud update? Perhaps you’re also wondering why this blog has taken a summer vacation… 

Your Salesforce Admin (that’s me!) has returned from serving 5-weeks on a Grand Jury — that’s 5 weeks away from my desk, from Salesforce, from Astro, and Marketing Cloud. I missed it all terribly! 

On my first day back (Monday, 8/17) we launched Marketing Cloud! 


Since my Smith colleagues are troopers, they embraced the Marketing Cloud launch and attended the 4-day long Marketing Cloud Bootcamp. At the end of the week, they earned their certificates and became Smith School Marketing Cloud Specialists!

Bootcamp was really amazing. Here are some of the highlights of the week:



Swag:  We were spoiled throughout the week with awesome Salesforce swag from our Salesforce + Marketing Cloud reps, and bonus

 swag & prizes for pop quizzes from our implementation partners, Balance Digital Marketing.

Training Modules: We knocked out 14 training modules that including hands-on activities to enhance the learning experience. We also got to spend 2 of the 4 days with our consultant/trainer, Maria! 

Food: Participants enjoyed group lunch breaks & homemade snacks (luckily for them, I love to bake!) 


Team Building: We worked in teams throughout the week, and spend the last day of Bootcamp on group projects that included scheduling Happy Birthday emails using Automation Studio, Subscriber Forms using Cloud Pages, and dynamic content in Email Studio!

Marketing Cloud Bootcamp was one of my favorite weeks at work — and I am grateful to the positive, engaging and amazing participation and attention of our newly minted Smith Marketing Cloud Specialists


So now you’re wondering — when do I get to use Marketing Cloud? Head over to the Staff Intranet > Open Smith Project > Marketing Cloud Roadmap to see where your department fits in! 

In the meantime, you’ll notice some changes to your Salesforce environment which will include a new tab called “Marketing Cloud” which will feature:

  • New training modules
  • How to request Marketing Cloud accelerators 
  • Best practices & a Marketing Cloud style guide from our Marcomm team 
  • How to access help/resources 

I look forward to continuing to climb our Marketing Cloud mountain together! 

–Your Salesforce Admin








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