Looking for someone? We’ve finally got you covered.

It’s been a while on the blog, but our silence on this platform usually means some serious work is happening on Salesforce. Hungry for an update? I’ve got you covered there, too! 

ALL SMITH CONTACTS ARE NOW IN SALESFORCE. What do I mean, exactly? Read on to hear about some of our recent successes, and make sure to give your super Admin Michael Mazzotta a big high-five next time you pass him in the halls of Van Munching. 

Prospective Graduate Students: We’ve successfully integrated Hobsons (the application tool) & Salesforce, which means all leads from the time they inquire to Smith through the application cycle will have contact records in Salesforce.

  • Prospective student records update twice a day in a feed from Hobsons (this includes application behavior/updates and info session event attendance/registrations) 
  • We pulled data as far back as January 1, 2015
  • This feed does not include Ph.D. or undergraduate students as they do not apply through the same Hobsons application instance as the rest of Smith graduates 

Current Graduate Students: All current graduate students are in now in Salesforce. Their data was imported between spreadsheets from the Masters Program Office & Hobsons (the application system). Current student data does not get updated from any system at this time, and updates to these records are typically made by staff members. Data on current students include:

  • Program, Campus, MPO Track, Contact details (including Smith School email and UID numbers)
  • More data on these students is available to certain Salesforce users but not made publicly available 
  • Future Plans: We hope to expand current student data and map more data to the contact record to be made available to everyone, so stay tuned for more updates. We also hope to include undergraduate current students and Ph.D. students in the near future. 
  • Finding Students: The easiest way to segment a list of current students is to create a Listview on the contact object or build a report (both of which should filter by campaign name as current students are listed in a campaign reflecting their program and year). 

Smith School Alumni: As many of you know, we’ve been working with the UMDCP main campus Salesforce Enterprise team to integrate the system of Advance (the system of record for all alumni data across the USM system) with the enterprise Salesforce Org. The goal is that once the data maps correctly to the enterprise Salesforce org, we could push it into the Smith Salesforce org for us to enjoy! This would largely impact our Development office here at Smith since they will have expanded access to these data which include donor history, contact reports, and VIP data. 

  • The Advance to Salesforce integration project is on a brief hold due to circumstances out of our control – but don’t worry! We’re still bringing you live alumni data
  • Alumni data will update daily (in the mornings) from the Advance system
  • Alumni data from Advance map to read-only fields on the contact record and do not override data Smith Salesforce users have entered or have the ability to edit/update 
  • Alumni have special records types that offer you more details, such as employment information (from Advance), and their most recent degree
  • Future Plans: We hope to resume the work being done to pull more Advance data from Advance > Enterprise Org > Smith Org to offer more data and functionality to our Office of Development & Alumni Relations here at Smith. 
  • Finding Alumni: If you’re looking for alumni from a certain year and/or program, check out their contact records to view the fields available to use as report filters, and report away! You can also search for alumni using your global search bar if you have a name, email, phone number, UID or Advance ID. 

Smith School Staff & Faculty: The PHR (Payroll & Human Resources) system is also integrated with a daily feed updated both staff and faculty contact record. These data pulls from Ares, so we encourage all staff and faculty to make sure your staff profile and contact details are updated at all times! Log-in to Ares here to update your information.

Wow, that was a mouthful! That’s four large populations of contacts updating daily in Salesforce for you to access! Want more cool stats on the data in Salesforce? Check out these fun facts below:

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