Spring 2019 Release: Exciting Updates that Impact YOU!

Dear Salesforce Enthusiasts, 

I am SUPER excited to share some new Salesforce release updates that went live in our org last week. Some of these features will really help improve some of your day to day use cases within Salesforce, so read on to find out how your life can made even easier on Salesforce:

1: Pinned List Views: Not sure what list views are? Check out my quick video tutorial on how to create a list view (please note that this link only works for Maryland Smith users). 

If you’re like me, you’re often trying to access the same saved List View every day. I created a List View to view cases that come in from our various subscription forms so I can monitor today’s activity and follow-up accordingly. But in Lightning, your list views always default to “Recently Viewed” and you’ll have to take that extra step to click on the drop down arrow and select your custom view. Now, just hit the “PIN” icon and it’ll be saved as my default. This is AWESOME! 


2: Embed links in your chatter posts: Since Astro and I are the number one chatter posters, perhaps this update is only exciting for us! But you can now embed links in your chatter posts. 


3: Printable Record Pages: While we are big proponents of not exporting/printing out Salesforce data, we understand that sometimes you need a quick reference sheet to grab on the go. Now, you can have a printable view of a record! So when the COO of Smith submits an application, you can print it out and hang it up in your office – just kidding, Dale! 


4: Send Thank You badges in Chatter to your most treasured colleagues! This update is fun, but as your Admin I do have to submit a support case to Salesforce to turn on this feature, which is still in pilot mode. It won’t be available immediately in our org.

5: Cool Lightning Dashboard Updates: There is a lot packed in here, so I’ll re-direct you to this link to dig in to some of these enhancements if they impact you. If you use filters, want to clone your dashboards, or expand your ability to display report data on dashboard components, definitely check these updates out! 

6: Display more data in a dashboard with compact components: Another loaded feature (see link here), this update lets you show more data on your dashboard.


7: Build an app for a mobile Community: This is a great update for the future of OneSmith, our Salesforce Community dedicated to first year FTMBA students, with the hope it will be expanded to ALL incoming grads this Fall! Check out more about this cool update here.


As with each release, there are a TON of cool updates. The ones promoted in this blog are featuring those that impact you the most. 

Hope you enjoy these new awesome added features! 

-Your Salesforce Admin



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